Laboratory Disposables

Safety Needles and Syringes

Blood Collection Set with Safety Shield
Butterfly Needles
Multi Sample Needles
Syringes & Needles

Blood Collection Tubes

Fluoride Oxalate
Gel and Clot Activator
Gel and Clot Activator
Gel and Clot Activator – Paediatric
Gel and Lithium Heparin
K3 Edta
K3 Edta – Paediatric
K3 Edta – Paediatric with Capillary
Lithium Heparin
Pro Coagulation Tube – Plain with Clot Activator
Sodium Citrate
Sodium Fluoride

Lab Disposables

Centrifuge Tubes
Culture Plate
Glass Test Tubes
Inoculation Loop
Microscopic Cover Glasses
Microscopic Slides
Pasteur Pipette
Pasteur Pipettes
Plastic Test Tubes
Safety Heel Lancet
Swab With Media
Swab Without Media
Test Tube Rack
Urine & Stool Containers
Blue Tips
White Tips
Yellow Tips

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